Do Small Businesses Really Need Their Own Website?

Do small businesses need a website?

There is no denying the importance of a website for a business. It’s your “online front door”.  The purpose of your website is to help you get found – your business will never be found without one. Right? This recent blog shows that just over 40% of SMBs use a website for advertising or promotional […]

How Community News Sites Will Keep Pace With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Thumbs Down for Hyperlocal Publishers

Borrell Associates recently published a study that concluded that a large number of small business owners are flocking to Facebook Ads as their primary outreach to customers. The study has generated a lot of chatter, including Tom Grubisich from Street Fight who focused on the impact of Facebook Ads on community news sites. I’m usually […]

Top 10 Hyperlocal Publishing Learnings Since LION 2015

LION Conference - Hyperlocal Publishing - September 2016

It’s been one year since we attended our first LION conference and officially launched Bizyhood for Publishers. It’s been a busy year and we’ve learned so much working with nearly 30 hyperlocal publishing partners that cover portions of our largest cities down to small villages. Our vision has not changed: hyperlocal digital publishers are the […]

The Problem With Native Advertising for Hyperlocals

The problem with native ads for hyperlocal publishers

Jeff Jarvis recently posted about his concerns surrounding native advertising. He concludes that there is a problem with native advertising and that it is not the solution to the publisher revenue challenge. He proposes the following solution in his article: We have to shift from reach to relevance, volume to value. This advice is particularly beneficial for […]

10 Things You Can Never Say To Your Customers

10 things you should never say to your customers

Did you know that 51% of customers switch companies due to poor service? Customer service is no longer a back-end operation. Providing great customer experience has become the new marketing technique to nurture and foster good word-of-mouth for the brand. Everyone is striving to build a customer-centric organization, but achieving it is no child’s play. […]

Local Search for Non-Locals

How visitors do local search to find places

Local search is powerful. We talked about the statistics recently that show that 25% of people who search for a product or service near them purchase something. That’s a super high conversion rate compared to the percent of people who click through an ad. But let’s carve that local search demographic out and focus specifically […]

Going Deep In Hyperlocal – Near Me Searches

near me search - an awesome feature for hyperlocal publishers

Last week we discussed fallout from Facebook’s news feed algorithm and suggested that hyperlocal publishers focus on going deep vs. wide. We were pleased to see an INMA article that confirmed our theory and suggested that local-level innovation is the best way to focus on your own platform. What’s interesting is the article left out […]