For Local Publishers, is Facebook Friend or Foe?

For local publishers, Facebook can be helpful but also hurtful

I had a conversation this week with a few publishers who were talking about how they use Facebook. A common theme arose, which was “should I love or hate Facebook?” My answer, (a bit tongue-in-cheek,) was “Yes.” If you are a local publisher, there are reasons to both love and hate Facebook. Ask yourselves these […]

How Effective Are Your Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads - effective? Or no?

The law of large numbers impacts all marketers. Even the smallest of small businesses tells us that they post and utilize Facebook Ads because “that’s where all the people are.” But, I tend to get a blank look when I ask “How effective are your Facebook Ads?” I mean, how do you know that they are […]

How to (Not!) Acquire Customers Online

Acquire Customers Online - be more targeted than looking for a needle in a haystack

Online advertising is a massive market, and getting larger every year. Undoubtedly, the number of emails in your Inbox that stress how to best acquire customers online via advertising is also increasing. I recently got an email that had some of the following information: With so much competition for attention online, the average click-through-rate for […]

Generate More Leads for Small Businesses – Bizyhood in 2017

Our 2017 mission is to help small businesses generate more leads

Last year, we made a list of our 2016 goals, and looking back, we made great progress. It’s clear to us that small businesses that serve a local community want ways to generate more leads online, and that local digital publishers are the ideal platform where they can get this. With that in mind, here’s […]

Local Digital Publishers – Motivate Readers To Buy

local publishers can motivate readers to purchase

Advertising is a low percentage way to generate consumers to purchase – the conversion rates typically hover in the 0.5% range these days. Yet, it’s still deemed to be the “easiest” and most obvious type of marketing to sell to local businesses.  Local digital publishers have a superpower when it comes to Local SEO that […]

Local Businesses Want Local Solutions

Local businesses - all solutions for them start locally

We were surprised to read recently that 56% of all local retailers haven’t claimed their Google My Business (GMB) page. This is the first thing a small business should do when setting up their online profile, and there are no shortage of Local SEO articles suggesting the same. So, with everybody beating the same drum, why […]