Going Deep In Hyperlocal – Near Me Searches

near me search - an awesome feature for hyperlocal publishers

Last week we discussed fallout from Facebook’s news feed algorithm and suggested that hyperlocal publishers focus on going deep vs. wide. We were pleased to see an INMA article that confirmed our theory and suggested that local-level innovation is the best way to focus on your own platform. What’s interesting is the article left out […]

John Oliver’s take on Journalism

John Oliver take on Journalism and why Bizyhood agrees

One of John Oliver’s segments from last week was a nearly 20 minute discussion of Journalism, and how important it is. This video was a huge hit here at Bizyhood. Our mission is to “save” local journalism – by that, we mean we are helping local publishers generate new revenue, and hopefully enough over time […]

Facebook News Feed, Part III

Facebook News Feed - how it works for and against Publishers

The relationship between Facebook and publishers is an important one, which is why there is no shortage of articles about the recently announced changes to the Facebook news feed. In fact, we’ve written about it twice already; first to explain why your posts are not being seen on Facebook, and then a few weeks later […]

Five Ways to Optimize your Publishing Site for Mobile

Optimize your hyperlocal publishing site for mobile devices

One of the most important things a hyperlocal publisher needs to focus on today is mobile friendliness. Our studies have shown that over 70% of all visits to publishers are coming from mobile devices. This number is consistent with what large publishers share as their mobile usage. This represents a series of opportunities and challenges. […]

Crazy Responses to Healthcare Reviews

Crazy Healthcare Reviews that violate HIPAA

We’ve always had strong feelings about customer reviews. Providing a single 5 star score to represent a business just doesn’t seem like a good way to evaluate and share opinions. A recent report from ProPublica and the Washington Post highlights the issue, specifically by looking at Healthcare reviews. In particular, the report highlights a very important […]

Facebooks News Feed, Part II

Facebook News Feed - how it works for and against Publishers

In May, we wrote about Facebooks news feed and how they prioritize posts. Following their annual F8 conference, Facebook themselves revealed details how they prioritize what shows up in user’s news feeds. Our conclusion was confirmed that if you were a business owner or a publisher, it’s very likely that your organic posts will be […]

Should We Trust Online Reviews? New Research Says You Shouldn’t

Should we trust online reviews? Probably not

There have been myriad discussions about the value as well as the authenticity of online reviews. In fact, last week we posted five reasons why you should respond to online reviews. But one area doesn’t get nearly as much attention: should we trust online reviews? A Marketing Professor at the University of Colorado had an […]

5 reasons to respond to customer reviews

Why you should respond to customer reviews

Last week we discussed the state of small business marketing. Two of the top five channels for small businesses were social media and listings management. These make sense, given that you are measuring and monitoring what’s going on in these channels. As we concluded last week, if you are relying on your gut and conventional […]